Measuring to Order Women’s Clothing Online

Norah Khan
by Norah Khan

Are you ready to get the real touch of beauty? Norah has the answer for you; she is a hair stylist and also operates a massage parlor.

The online marketplace has come a long way over the years. There are so many things you can order online but some people have difficulty ordering the right sized clothing. There are different reasons for this, like even when you’re in the store, different brands have slight differences in sizing. Today I’ll be helping you out with this. So in particular we are going to be talking about how to get the proper measurements for women’s clothing when ordering it online. Amanda is our model today and she will be assisting us.

The first place we will want to get a good measurement is around the chest area so you’re going to want to go to the fullest point of the bust and wrap the measuring tape around while trying to keep it level around the body to get an accurate measurement all the way around. If you do it properly you’ll have a correct measurement where the tape meets back to the beginning.








Next what we want to make sure we have is a good accurate waist measurement. This will be in the midpoint of the waist or the smallest part of the waist. Again you need to make sure the tape is level going all the way around until it meets back to the beginning of the measuring tape. Along with an accurate waist measurement we want to accurately
measure the hip size. Start at the point of the right hip and go all the way around to meet
back to the beginning of the tape for your correct hip measurement number.









Now you can’t forget the inseam measurement which you will need for any clothing that goes on your bottom half basically. With the inseam measurement you want to start at the inside of the crotch and go all the way down to the lowest point of the hem on the pants that are there.











If you’re buying a long sleeved shirt or a jacket etc. you’ll need a good sleeve measurement. The way to get the best sleeve measurement is to start at the right point of the shoulder blade then go all the way down to the wrist. So with our model today you can see that she has about a 26 and a half inch arm length.


9The other places that we might want to measure to get accurate measurements are going to be around the head and the hands for buying hats and mittens or gloves online. To get an accurate head measurement you want to start right here at the midpoint of the forehead and go all the way around the head. Make sure your measuring the widest part of the head as well. This way you’ll get a good hat or helmet measurement. For the hat measurement and other measurements there will be a conversion chart online at your particular retailer where you’ll be able to convert the measurements smoothly.  To get an accurate measurement for glove size you’re going to want to measure right around the knuckles excluding the thumb and as we can see here Amanda’s knuckle measurement would be right about 7 inches. Hopefully these tips help you when you’re next ordering women’s clothing online. Good Luck.